Our Mission

Rosehill Operating Company is dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact. We will comply with all applicable health, safety & environmental laws and regulations. We will achieve this by providing high quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, hazardous materials management from acquisition to disposal, and by managing regulatory information.

Our Vision

All employees of Rosehill Operating are committed to health, safety and the environment in conducting the activities of the company. Our commitments are to all stakeholders in our business including employees and the public. We will continuously improve our processes and procedures to reach the goal of zero occupational accidents as well as safety and environmental incidents. We believe incidents are preventable and will work towards the zero-incident goal.

Our Values


  • Exert leadership based on our ethical obligation to protect people and the environment
  • Always to be honest, fair and consistent
  • Be prudent stewards of public resources
  • Strive to attain an accident and injury free workplace
  • There is always time to do it safely and correct the first time


  • Promote safety as everyone's responsibility
  • Possess and encourage a positive, "can do" outlook
  • Maintain a strong work ethic by keeping our word and taking responsibility for our work and actions
  • Little things matter to us
  • Lead by example


  • Foster cooperation and collaboration
  • Encourage and support the professional growth of all employees
  • Strive to make our policies, procedures and training accessible and understandable
  • Always involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment


  • Minimize waste, emissions and releases throughout our operations
  • Provide high quality and easy-to-use services in a timely manner
  • Implement innovative safety solutions
  • Maintain emergency plans to protect everyone in and around our facilities, environment and company resources
  • Continuously improve our processes and procedures


  • Be open to everyone's ideas and opinions
  • Understand the needs and situations of others
  • Treat all individuals equitably, professionally and with courtesy, dignity and respect